The quality of food and accommodations varies with location. In the major cities, there are top notch international cuisine offerings, along with a variety of Vietnamese restaurants at all price and quality levels. In the countryside, Western cuisine is not typically available, yet many towns and small cities offer both simple food from street vendors and roadside restaurants, along with Vietnamese formal dinning. In the remote areas, food tends to be quite simple, and the quality can vary considerably. If food safety is an occasional concern for you, you can buy processed, pre-packaged food and snack food from almost any small grocery shop, even in the countryside. 

Hotels in Vietnam are generally clean and well appointed, even in the budget price range. You will find reasonable hotel accommodations are plentiful in Vietnam, and if you are on your own, you may want to shop around a bit for the best deal. Of course, when traveling in very remote areas, plan on spending the night in a town or a larger population center where you can be sure to find accommodations.

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