Vietnam airlines – the state carrier, provides a wide array of safe and fairly comfortable flights, both international and domestic. Thins have not always been thus, but there is now a very trim fleet of modern, well-maintained planes (mostly French and American: not a Russian Tupolev in sight), flown by well-train pilots. It’s the safest driving you’re likely to experience in Vietnam! DO consider flying if you’re going a long way within Vietnam, because any other means of transport is always much slower and sometimes only slightly cheaper DON’T get stuck in the mud: in the rainy season, road and rail are frequently flooded or even washed away in the region that are hardest hit.

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  • Hi Phuong! Thanks for your good  arrangments which bring me to have a great experience. We are back home safe after a long journey back. More...
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  • Dear Ms Nhung! I just come back my country after a long trip. I would like to thank for your help. Your services were perfect so we had a wonderful holiday which I never forget. More...
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